Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sam and Patrick: Dream Scenerio

Many people are up in arms because some of us think Sam and Patrick should have been paired in the absence of Jason and Robin. Right now Patrick is paired with Sabrina and that coupling which I'm enjoying does have charm and merit, but not on a grand scale. Sam currently is in the process of being paired with Silas, I really want to like them but it is all very contrived. I feel Sam and Patrick would be more of a natural coupling and could have potential for a long term story.

In my dream scenario Sam and Patrick would grow closer over time, fight the building attraction then fall in love. Sam and Patrick would have the complication of guilt due to missing Jason and Robin, but eventually they deal with the guilt. If it went on long enough Sam could end up married to Patrick and they could raise Danny and Emma together. I think Emma would be a great big sister to Danny!

If in the future Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Steve Burton (Jason) did return, in my dream it would be at the same time. As I see it Jason wakes up with his Quartermaine and Morgan memories and still loves Sam and Danny. Jason would find and save Robin it would take them into an adventure together and they would fall in love, but not do anything about it. When Robin and Jason finally returned to Port Charles to find Sam and Patrick married. They both realize they were thought to be dead and deal with the pain of their spouses moving on.

In dealing with the pain of the loves of their lives moving on Robin and Jason give in to their growing feelings and end up in a relationship. Over time JaSam and Scrubs do get back together. This could create years of awesome soapy deliciousness!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Days Of WTF: A Disjointed Mess

I've noticed in the past couple years Days Of Our Lives has one main issue that is a commonality in many of the stories. The commonality is that there is absolutely no foresight, all the stories are somehow disjointed and the characters are tragically one dimesional. We all know there has been an abnormally high turnover when it comes to actors and writers on Days this is what leads me to believe the powers that be are to blame when it comes to my aggravation with Days.

I could talk endlessly about the misgivings of how TPTB at Days with a high emphasis on Ken Corday, but I do not have the ability to type for that long. The point of this particular blog post is how all of the stories on Days are a mess, including some of the ones I like. Why can't TPTB think long term when it comes to these stories?

Current WTFs on Days

#Gack: Nick has been portrayed as despicable character, Gabi is desperate for attention and affection so as to make them the one dimensional "bad couple". The insipid handling of this couple makes them unbearable in general. If Days had thought this out they would have given this couple a redeeming quality if they were determined to front burner this mess.

#Dannifer vs #Danloe: I admit I am a fan of Daniel Jonas (and enjoy any coupling involving him) *ducks for cover*, with that said I hate that they can't just pair him organically. Why does Days need to make Chloe a manipulative conniving witch resulting in unneeded long term ramifications. Many of us love Chloe, we see this all as ridiculous and are not entertained, therein lies the disjointed aspect. Danloe could have been recreated without ruining Chloe. It is possible to have a man torn between two good women!
#Bristen vs #Jarlena: OMG ... I do love me some Bristen and am getting a charge out of seeing Kristen repeatedly show up the ever sanctimonious Marlena. As much as I love this story I wish Kristen was made more multi dimensional and that she would have genuine feelings for Brady.
I have saved the most ridiculous for last!
Sami's Many Suitors: No matter whether you're EJami, LUMI, Safe we all can agree the rotation is utterly ludicrous. This rotation has made me hate Sami and want her to be single instead of having any feeling of angst for any coupling.
Oh ... and: There are so many fan favourites Days have brought back with short term story ideas, but when the story ends (and usually abruptly) they either drop them, misuse them or have them pop up every now and then as a prop in a scene.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soapie Decorum (Or Lack There Of)

Everyday many of us Soapies on Twitter (and other forms of social media) encounter rude people who go overboard in their fandom to the point that they forget basic decorum!  

We all have our favourite couples/ actors/ characters/ storylines , though our love of the aforementioned should NEVER cause us to lose site of our humanity. A difference of opinion should never be seen as a threat, nor should it cause people to treat other people as though they're subhuman. If you do not  agree with an opinion of a tweet that has you've been mentioned in it is not necessary to be malicious in response. It is completely possible to express your difference of opinion in a civil manner. If you've not been mentioned in the tweet you disagree with, think before you respond and be polite.

Things To Keep In Mind

The person you're compelled to be hateful toward is a REAL person with REAL feelings! 
We ALL have a right to an opinion, so agree to disagree)!
Bullying is just as wrong online as it is offline!
If you're not treating others with respect you should not expect others to be respectful of you!
Is what you're about to say in response hurtful?
If you know something you are going to say may be hurtful is this your intention? 
If your intention is to be hurtful what does that say about you?

Stay tuned for updates as the Twitter Drama Continues...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Morality on Soaps

To me soaps and morals are totally diverse. I watch 7th heaven when I am looking for a great story with a moral center, on soaps however I figure anything goes as long as it is hot, steamy or entertaining. Soaps are known as being an escape and are an escape from all the boundaries of our daily society.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#WabiBaby: #WilSon vs #Nabi

Last night while tweeting with @BrandonSufronko (Brandon) and @iwant2baDimera (Amanda) Brandon tweeted the following tweet.

... and this got my mind reeling as to how I would play out the scenario

After Sonny bursts into the church to claim his love for his man Will they would get back together. Soon after we would see the reunion of Gabi and Nick. Gabi would feel releived but humiliated that Will left her at the alter and state that she and Nick would secretly move and raise the baby.

After catching wind of this Will and Sonny track them down and tell them "hell no" and they tell Gabi due to her actions they will fight for sole custody. Nick assures Gabi that he will stand by her side in the custody battle (and by battle I mean battle) and he'll marry her to guarantee they get custody of the baby. Wilson vs Nabi begins.

We all know Sami has been showing new found support in motherhood for Will. Sami in true Sami style gets ready for battle and tells Rafe there is no way Gabi will take her (she gulps as she says it) grandchild from Will. Rafe as dutiful to family as he always is tells Sami he will not let Gabi lose her child.

Sami enlists EJ to be the lawyer for Will and Rafe calls on Carrie to be the lawyer for Gabi. We all know that EJ would jump at the chance to be close to Sami and to take down any family of Rafe's. Carrie comes back from Zurich (with Aurrie baby in tow) to help Rafe since she knows how dirty Sami will be willing to fight.

EJ knows what Gabi did to Melanie and decides to use it against her by asking Chad to take the stand. Chad happily agrees to take the stand to exact his revenge on Gabi for what she did to Melanie. Chad taunts Gabi about how delicious it will be to make her lose custody of her child.

The taunting sends Gabi into early labour and she has the baby. The baby is a preemie and has lung issues and has to go into the neonatal ICU. While visiting the baby (who I see as a girl named "Arianna" after Gabi's deceased sister) Gabi and Nick decide to do what is best for the child and raise the little baby Arianna in joint custody with Will and Sonny. Of course this realization would be very poignant and touching.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Time For #Days (aka #DOOL) May Be Running Out

As I Originally Posted June, 10, 2011
Like sands through the hour glass, time is running out for the Days Of Our Lives
I have a theory (it is a lil conspiracy theory like) that I shared yesterday that I believe NBC  is systematically destroying Days Of Our Lives in order to lose fans so they can cancel Days! Some people wonder why they would bother bringing back Drake Hogestyn (John Black), Deirdre Hall (Marlena Evans Black) and Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux) back only to cancel it. I personally think that the classic (early 80’s) characters are being brought back simply to wrap up the show.
(UPDATE April, 4, 2012)
I am now 100% convinced Ken Corday will kill Days!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crystal Clear

Last night whilst perusing online I found this interview with our dear Chrystal Chappell! It was entertaining to read this given that it was written prior to her arrival to Days Of our Lives. What really got to me was the first sentence and how the word “replace” was used. Last week many of us heard that same word used on Days!

Click on the images to read the article!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EPIC #CarBo Mayan Reunion

Carly and Bo had a Mayan wedding in 1991 and all us Carbo gals swooned! We had a CarBo tease again from 2009 – 2011 then alas our CarBo loving hearts were broken. I was thinking with all this Mayan 2012 nonsense we could have a truly soapy CarBo reunion.
As I see it Carly and Bo would be abducted by a Mayan tribe since Carly and Bo have the key to saving the world. First all we would see is Bo being abducted, then a shot of Carly being held captive in a prison.In this storyline we find out CarBo DNA was used to create a child (around the time of the CarBo Mayan wedding) and this child who is now 20.
The Mayan tribe raised the child to keep the child safe (the child is the actual key to saving the world). We find out a cult has abducted from the Mayan tribe and will be sacrificed in the child in order to ensure the end of the world in December, 21, 2012 (wasn’t the Mayan CarBo wedding in December 1991). When Carly and Bo find out they have a child they work together to save the child and the world ultimately. Carly and Bo find out however that in order to save their child they are not allowed to contact anyone to tell them about their whereabouts!
Could you imagine all the fun the writers could have with this storyline! I figure if Marlena can have a possession storyline and Hope with a royal doppelganger we can most certainly have a CarBo 2012 Mayan adventure!!!
I think I had a Carbogasm writing this!
(Created by TLContessa on January, 24th, 2012)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Wrath Of Kiriakis

a Who Is Brady subplot!
As I thought more about the potential of Who Is Brady and Where Is the REAL Chloe Lane I thought about the awesome subplots!
Could you imagine Victor Kiriakis’s reaction to finding out the person he thought was Brady for the past few years was in fact the grand son of Ernesto Toscano (aka FauxBrady)! Victor would most definitely seek revenge on Marina Toscano when he finds out she is still alive and was in cahoots with Sefano DeMira to kidnap Brady and Chloe! How will Victor treat FauxBrady?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brian Frons, Soap Scrooge Cast

Brian Frons as Ebinezer Scrooge
Adam Chandler as Jacob Marley
Viki Lord as Spirit Of Christmas Past
Erica Kane as Spirit Of Christmas Present
David Hayward as Spirit Of Chistmas Yet To Come
Ryan Lavery as  Fred (Scrooge’s Nephew)
Greenlee as Fred’s Wife
Bo Buchanan as Bob Cratchit
Nora Buchanan as Mrs. Crachit
Sam Manning as Tiny Tim
Roxy as Mrs. Dilber

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Fantasy #Broe #Days

There is the “Who Is Brady” plot another of the Broe Divas came up with that would allow for the return of Kyle Lowder while keeping Eric Martsolf. We believe Brady (Kyle Lowder) was abducted in Vienna and replaced by Mr.X (Eric Marsolf). You can follow the @WhoIsBrady twitter!
I added to the whole “Who Is Brady” with my “The REAL Chloe Lane” plot. I think this could be the biggest DiMera conspiracy! My mind is reeling with the possibility of adding that Stefano was not alone in this his accomplice would be Marina Tuscano (Isabelle's not so dead sister) who is out for revenge.
Since Isabelle was not around to get revenge on she exacted revenge on John and  Brady. Marina knew Stefano would be the best person to form an alliance with the fulfil her plan! This would mean BOTH the real Brady and Chloe are locked away in Vienna!
My new addition would really bring back some history! Possibility of Angel IzzyB who has been watching over Brady in Vienna. The soapiness that DiMera has drugged/altered brain chips so people in would think Mr.X (Eric Martsolf) was Brady even though he looked different. I would want Mr.X (to be named later) and FauxChloe to be pawns and innocent.
Oh and Mr.X would be Marina’s son (Making him Brady’s cousin) that she brainwashed since birth!
FauxChloe could be RealChloe’s twin???

Thursday, November 24, 2011

AMC and OLTL : Death Of An Era or Conspiracy?

Watch out, my little conspiracy theory brain is about to rear it’s ugly head again.
Yesterday upon the news of Prospect Park ditching the efforts to revive All My Children and One Life To Live via the web, I decided to do a little research. I noticed Prospect Park production company was co-founded by Richard H. Frank, a former Disney Studios executive. When I read this it lead me to wondering if ABC only “sold” All My Children and One Life To Live as a way to get the heat off of them and to divert the attention elsewhere. I also wonder if possibly ABC paid Prospect Park to take the shows and the heat for the ultimate cancellation?
I have to admit at first I thought Prospect Park may be a dummy corporation though I do noticed they are involved in the production of a couple legit shows. I have yet to find any official website for Prospect Park which still leads me to wonder if ABC has some sort of ownership? This theory is a little bit out there but you have to admit it does seem plausible!
You can quote me on this, I have a feeling General Hospital will not be around by this time next year!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

#RealNadiaBonGLEE Campaign

I, TLContessa am officially starting a campaign to get Nadia Bjorlin on Glee! Come on people we all know she has the talent to rock Glee. Let's get @RealNadiaB (Nadia Bjorlin) on #Glee, with hashtag!
BTW…There is the easy to sign #RealNadiaBonGLEE twitition (twitter petition) HERE!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I wrote this cheesy but fun poem a few years back, some of the “sins” have changed and some have not!
The GH girls are far from being pearls
Remember Sam,
Who is always pulling some kind of scam
Then Elizabeth,
Who lies and lies saying it is for the best
Here's Lulu,
Who's indecision leaves many boys of GH blue
Now that Maxie,
Who's always causing trouble due to her never ending jealousy
Check out Tracy,
Who though tricked to marry Luke chooses to stay, now that is truly crazy
Oh also Kate,
Who when not around Sonny is rather fake
Meet Claudia,
Who's antics couldn't be naughtier
Poor Alexis,
Who was good until flirting with Jerry and forgetting what a criminal he really is
Don't forget Diane,
Who has to be sinister to win those tricky cases she's bee tryin

Look at Nadine,
Who has the saddest crush on Nicholas I've ever seen
Glance at Monica,
Who would have been alright until she had a drunken hit and run after to much tonic
These girls of GH have pretty bad qualities you see
Though they are still entertaining to me
I almost forgot Robin,
Who is good but her storyline with Stone left me sobbin

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Attacker (of Salem’s Prostitutes) is....

Gus is the one who is attacking the prostitutes and planning to frame Quinn? He has always been jealous of Quinn’s connection to Vivian!Even tough I hate that this storyline involved Chloe being attacked, this is getting good! I guess Chloe needed to be attacked for us to care about this storyline at all.
Vivian is partially to blame for Gus killing/attacking the Salem prostitutes, she has been virtually castrating him for years!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Days Of All My Fuckwits

This is the start of my soap parody, I am not sure how far I will go with it!


Fuckopolis, USA

The Characters

The Washingtons (The Old Money Rich Couple, Their 3 Children)

The Brewers (The Obnoxious Nouveaux Riche Couple, Their 2 Children)

The Fosters and The Parkers (The Two Middle Class Families, 4 Children In One Family and 2 Children In the Other Family)

The Dylans (The Poor Family, Thier 3 Children)

© All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Speculations Of The Spotted Pony (UPDATED)

Ever since The Spotted Pony was mentioned, I made a speculation!
When Stacey Morasco came to Llanview we found out she was using Gigi as an alias when she was a stripper.
I think Gigi’s spirit is unable to rest since….
Kim is likely at a strip joint using the alias Gigi.

(UPDATE) August, 23rd, 2011

Monday, August 01, 2011

My (REAL) Chloe Lane Theory

Back on June the 16th I came up with a theory that this has been fake Chloe since the return! An imposter (or a possible long lost twin) was brainwashed  by the DeMira clan to think she was Chloe Lane. All this time the real Chloe Lane has been held captive in Vienna somewhere.
If this has been the fake Chloe Lane all this time she was never involved with Daniel or Lucas nor did she create Parker with Philip (since Fake Chloe did). I do not think Fake Chloe would be evil just a victim of DeMira brainwashing and as stated earlier she is a possible long lost twin Nancy’s father never told her about. This story line could leave room for Craig and Nancy to return to Salem when Real Chloe is saved and to get to know Fake Chloe.
This would explain why our self assured opera geek turned into an insecure prostitute!
Now this would be classic Days Of Our Lives soapiness!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clueless and Ageless

It's eerie that the stars of Clueless have barely aged so I created this!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Twisted #AMC Theory

Tad and Dixie will reunite….
…then Zach and Kendall will reunite…
… and David reveals Griffin and Cara are part of the Orpheus project and are NOT brother and sister, they fall in love and live happy ever after or…
Zach and Dixie fall in love leaving Tad with Cara and Kendall with Griffin!
I am just kidding, but it would be deliciously soapy! LOL