Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soapie Decorum (Or Lack There Of)

Everyday many of us Soapies on Twitter (and other forms of social media) encounter rude people who go overboard in their fandom to the point that they forget basic decorum!  

We all have our favourite couples/ actors/ characters/ storylines , though our love of the aforementioned should NEVER cause us to lose site of our humanity. A difference of opinion should never be seen as a threat, nor should it cause people to treat other people as though they're subhuman. If you do not  agree with an opinion of a tweet that has you've been mentioned in it is not necessary to be malicious in response. It is completely possible to express your difference of opinion in a civil manner. If you've not been mentioned in the tweet you disagree with, think before you respond and be polite.

Things To Keep In Mind

The person you're compelled to be hateful toward is a REAL person with REAL feelings! 
We ALL have a right to an opinion, so agree to disagree)!
Bullying is just as wrong online as it is offline!
If you're not treating others with respect you should not expect others to be respectful of you!
Is what you're about to say in response hurtful?
If you know something you are going to say may be hurtful is this your intention? 
If your intention is to be hurtful what does that say about you?

Stay tuned for updates as the Twitter Drama Continues...

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