Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Morality on Soaps

To me soaps and morals are totally diverse. I watch 7th heaven when I am looking for a great story with a moral center, on soaps however I figure anything goes as long as it is hot, steamy or entertaining. Soaps are known as being an escape and are an escape from all the boundaries of our daily society.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#WabiBaby: #WilSon vs #Nabi

Last night while tweeting with @BrandonSufronko (Brandon) and @iwant2baDimera (Amanda) Brandon tweeted the following tweet.

... and this got my mind reeling as to how I would play out the scenario

After Sonny bursts into the church to claim his love for his man Will they would get back together. Soon after we would see the reunion of Gabi and Nick. Gabi would feel releived but humiliated that Will left her at the alter and state that she and Nick would secretly move and raise the baby.

After catching wind of this Will and Sonny track them down and tell them "hell no" and they tell Gabi due to her actions they will fight for sole custody. Nick assures Gabi that he will stand by her side in the custody battle (and by battle I mean battle) and he'll marry her to guarantee they get custody of the baby. Wilson vs Nabi begins.

We all know Sami has been showing new found support in motherhood for Will. Sami in true Sami style gets ready for battle and tells Rafe there is no way Gabi will take her (she gulps as she says it) grandchild from Will. Rafe as dutiful to family as he always is tells Sami he will not let Gabi lose her child.

Sami enlists EJ to be the lawyer for Will and Rafe calls on Carrie to be the lawyer for Gabi. We all know that EJ would jump at the chance to be close to Sami and to take down any family of Rafe's. Carrie comes back from Zurich (with Aurrie baby in tow) to help Rafe since she knows how dirty Sami will be willing to fight.

EJ knows what Gabi did to Melanie and decides to use it against her by asking Chad to take the stand. Chad happily agrees to take the stand to exact his revenge on Gabi for what she did to Melanie. Chad taunts Gabi about how delicious it will be to make her lose custody of her child.

The taunting sends Gabi into early labour and she has the baby. The baby is a preemie and has lung issues and has to go into the neonatal ICU. While visiting the baby (who I see as a girl named "Arianna" after Gabi's deceased sister) Gabi and Nick decide to do what is best for the child and raise the little baby Arianna in joint custody with Will and Sonny. Of course this realization would be very poignant and touching.