Thursday, January 17, 2013

Days Of WTF: A Disjointed Mess

I've noticed in the past couple years Days Of Our Lives has one main issue that is a commonality in many of the stories. The commonality is that there is absolutely no foresight, all the stories are somehow disjointed and the characters are tragically one dimesional. We all know there has been an abnormally high turnover when it comes to actors and writers on Days this is what leads me to believe the powers that be are to blame when it comes to my aggravation with Days.

I could talk endlessly about the misgivings of how TPTB at Days with a high emphasis on Ken Corday, but I do not have the ability to type for that long. The point of this particular blog post is how all of the stories on Days are a mess, including some of the ones I like. Why can't TPTB think long term when it comes to these stories?

Current WTFs on Days

#Gack: Nick has been portrayed as despicable character, Gabi is desperate for attention and affection so as to make them the one dimensional "bad couple". The insipid handling of this couple makes them unbearable in general. If Days had thought this out they would have given this couple a redeeming quality if they were determined to front burner this mess.

#Dannifer vs #Danloe: I admit I am a fan of Daniel Jonas (and enjoy any coupling involving him) *ducks for cover*, with that said I hate that they can't just pair him organically. Why does Days need to make Chloe a manipulative conniving witch resulting in unneeded long term ramifications. Many of us love Chloe, we see this all as ridiculous and are not entertained, therein lies the disjointed aspect. Danloe could have been recreated without ruining Chloe. It is possible to have a man torn between two good women!
#Bristen vs #Jarlena: OMG ... I do love me some Bristen and am getting a charge out of seeing Kristen repeatedly show up the ever sanctimonious Marlena. As much as I love this story I wish Kristen was made more multi dimensional and that she would have genuine feelings for Brady.
I have saved the most ridiculous for last!
Sami's Many Suitors: No matter whether you're EJami, LUMI, Safe we all can agree the rotation is utterly ludicrous. This rotation has made me hate Sami and want her to be single instead of having any feeling of angst for any coupling.
Oh ... and: There are so many fan favourites Days have brought back with short term story ideas, but when the story ends (and usually abruptly) they either drop them, misuse them or have them pop up every now and then as a prop in a scene.