Monday, August 01, 2011

My (REAL) Chloe Lane Theory

Back on June the 16th I came up with a theory that this has been fake Chloe since the return! An imposter (or a possible long lost twin) was brainwashed  by the DeMira clan to think she was Chloe Lane. All this time the real Chloe Lane has been held captive in Vienna somewhere.
If this has been the fake Chloe Lane all this time she was never involved with Daniel or Lucas nor did she create Parker with Philip (since Fake Chloe did). I do not think Fake Chloe would be evil just a victim of DeMira brainwashing and as stated earlier she is a possible long lost twin Nancy’s father never told her about. This story line could leave room for Craig and Nancy to return to Salem when Real Chloe is saved and to get to know Fake Chloe.
This would explain why our self assured opera geek turned into an insecure prostitute!
Now this would be classic Days Of Our Lives soapiness!


Samar said...

Love it!!! Would explain her behavior since her return and wash the Hack's writing at the same time.

Ana said...

I love your idea!! It really would explain why Chloe would be so out of character since her return. And for that matter Brady too.

Ana said...

I love that idea. It would explain why Chloe has been out of character since her return. Higley did quite the number on Chloe! Grrr!

Tink said...

Great theory! And I agree it would explain a lot, and right so so many wrongs. I wish you could write for Days!