Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EPIC #CarBo Mayan Reunion

Carly and Bo had a Mayan wedding in 1991 and all us Carbo gals swooned! We had a CarBo tease again from 2009 – 2011 then alas our CarBo loving hearts were broken. I was thinking with all this Mayan 2012 nonsense we could have a truly soapy CarBo reunion.
As I see it Carly and Bo would be abducted by a Mayan tribe since Carly and Bo have the key to saving the world. First all we would see is Bo being abducted, then a shot of Carly being held captive in a prison.In this storyline we find out CarBo DNA was used to create a child (around the time of the CarBo Mayan wedding) and this child who is now 20.
The Mayan tribe raised the child to keep the child safe (the child is the actual key to saving the world). We find out a cult has abducted from the Mayan tribe and will be sacrificed in the child in order to ensure the end of the world in December, 21, 2012 (wasn’t the Mayan CarBo wedding in December 1991). When Carly and Bo find out they have a child they work together to save the child and the world ultimately. Carly and Bo find out however that in order to save their child they are not allowed to contact anyone to tell them about their whereabouts!
Could you imagine all the fun the writers could have with this storyline! I figure if Marlena can have a possession storyline and Hope with a royal doppelganger we can most certainly have a CarBo 2012 Mayan adventure!!!
I think I had a Carbogasm writing this!
(Created by TLContessa on January, 24th, 2012)

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RobinAshleyLove said...

I think you might need to get into fanfic writing... no, I'm serious *_*