Thursday, September 15, 2011


I wrote this cheesy but fun poem a few years back, some of the “sins” have changed and some have not!
The GH girls are far from being pearls
Remember Sam,
Who is always pulling some kind of scam
Then Elizabeth,
Who lies and lies saying it is for the best
Here's Lulu,
Who's indecision leaves many boys of GH blue
Now that Maxie,
Who's always causing trouble due to her never ending jealousy
Check out Tracy,
Who though tricked to marry Luke chooses to stay, now that is truly crazy
Oh also Kate,
Who when not around Sonny is rather fake
Meet Claudia,
Who's antics couldn't be naughtier
Poor Alexis,
Who was good until flirting with Jerry and forgetting what a criminal he really is
Don't forget Diane,
Who has to be sinister to win those tricky cases she's bee tryin

Look at Nadine,
Who has the saddest crush on Nicholas I've ever seen
Glance at Monica,
Who would have been alright until she had a drunken hit and run after to much tonic
These girls of GH have pretty bad qualities you see
Though they are still entertaining to me
I almost forgot Robin,
Who is good but her storyline with Stone left me sobbin

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