Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sam and Patrick: Dream Scenerio

Many people are up in arms because some of us think Sam and Patrick should have been paired in the absence of Jason and Robin. Right now Patrick is paired with Sabrina and that coupling which I'm enjoying does have charm and merit, but not on a grand scale. Sam currently is in the process of being paired with Silas, I really want to like them but it is all very contrived. I feel Sam and Patrick would be more of a natural coupling and could have potential for a long term story.

In my dream scenario Sam and Patrick would grow closer over time, fight the building attraction then fall in love. Sam and Patrick would have the complication of guilt due to missing Jason and Robin, but eventually they deal with the guilt. If it went on long enough Sam could end up married to Patrick and they could raise Danny and Emma together. I think Emma would be a great big sister to Danny!

If in the future Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Steve Burton (Jason) did return, in my dream it would be at the same time. As I see it Jason wakes up with his Quartermaine and Morgan memories and still loves Sam and Danny. Jason would find and save Robin it would take them into an adventure together and they would fall in love, but not do anything about it. When Robin and Jason finally returned to Port Charles to find Sam and Patrick married. They both realize they were thought to be dead and deal with the pain of their spouses moving on.

In dealing with the pain of the loves of their lives moving on Robin and Jason give in to their growing feelings and end up in a relationship. Over time JaSam and Scrubs do get back together. This could create years of awesome soapy deliciousness!

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JasamTheTorch said...

I completely agree with you. Totally love the idea of these 2!