Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Fantasy #Broe #Days

There is the “Who Is Brady” plot another of the Broe Divas came up with that would allow for the return of Kyle Lowder while keeping Eric Martsolf. We believe Brady (Kyle Lowder) was abducted in Vienna and replaced by Mr.X (Eric Marsolf). You can follow the @WhoIsBrady twitter!
I added to the whole “Who Is Brady” with my “The REAL Chloe Lane” plot. I think this could be the biggest DiMera conspiracy! My mind is reeling with the possibility of adding that Stefano was not alone in this his accomplice would be Marina Tuscano (Isabelle's not so dead sister) who is out for revenge.
Since Isabelle was not around to get revenge on she exacted revenge on John and  Brady. Marina knew Stefano would be the best person to form an alliance with the fulfil her plan! This would mean BOTH the real Brady and Chloe are locked away in Vienna!
My new addition would really bring back some history! Possibility of Angel IzzyB who has been watching over Brady in Vienna. The soapiness that DiMera has drugged/altered brain chips so people in would think Mr.X (Eric Martsolf) was Brady even though he looked different. I would want Mr.X (to be named later) and FauxChloe to be pawns and innocent.
Oh and Mr.X would be Marina’s son (Making him Brady’s cousin) that she brainwashed since birth!
FauxChloe could be RealChloe’s twin???

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